APHELIES run by the French designers Olivier and Christophe Defaye, produces designs and studies in all the fields of design, architecture and Landscape. Given each projects local context, we assemble an appropriate team with our project chief, specialists, local partners, engineers and consultants. As we are using a combination of different ways of thinking rather than a single one, each design becomes a characteristic answer to the project.

Our subsidiary company AOKI is specialized in communication for architecture and environment. AOKI enables APHELIES to consider a project from the elaboration of its first scheme, which will define the precise commune bases for different partners, until the creation of communication strategies to promote projects.


Olivier and Christophe Defaye were also creating internet services about children's films.
children's film festivals database

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APHELIES Public Company
Creation : 20/10/2003
Capital :
10 000 000 yens


Christophe Defaye
Olivier Defaye

Makiko Aoki
Shigehiro Suwa