Evening walking under the forest, the light comes from patios.

Planning scheme for Shimizu Town includes the reconversion of the actual industrial port area to a new waterfront of daylife and leisure.

The project focuses on creating a new natural environment. Recalling a forest that existed until the 19th century, we proposed a new pine forest of 20 hectares and created a new waterfront not as a new boundary but a parc, link between city and water.

The forest will be kept as land reserve and used according to the economic evolution of the town.

The current warehouses are replaced by the forest, which permits current inhabitants to take advantage of the new port. Residences and public space are arranged on top and under the forest.

The creation of the new channel between the port and the sea will permit, on one hand, the renewal of the water and, on the other hand, quickest the crossing of the boats.


A view from one of the patios of the library.

Miho No Matsubara, Ishibashi Richo, 19th century.

Sailor arrives in front of Mount Fuji under the Pine Forest.

A view of Mount Fuji under pine trees.

First phase: The current dormant factories and ware houses will be replaced by a pine forest. This pine forest can already be used as parks.

Second phase: Creation of artificial isles. Developing the park from interior to exterior.

Third phase: Creation of artificial isles. Creation of leisure functions and residences.

Forth phase: Development of the pines forest. Creation of new functions in the forest. Creation of a Marina.

Fifth phase: Creation of a channel between the sea and the port. Creation of a new function in the forest. Sixth phase: The new pine forest is an inhabited forest.